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Luxury Travel

Pink Umbrella is a London based PR company, specialising in Luxury Brands and Lifestyle markets with over 20 years’ experience.
We work with many of the top celebrities in the UK, with massive numbers of social media followers.

We have excellent working relationships with the UK Press in both newsprint and magazines. Pink Umbrella Luxury Travel PR is a unique marketing project, partnering with your hotel to understand the areas of opportunity to increase both international awareness and introduce new guests, through celebrity association and featured press and blogger engagement in the UK.

We believe that appreciating
the journey is equally as important
as enjoying the destination
When working with us, we want everyone to feel empowered to succeed, trust in our abilities and be excited to work with us. The experience does not end with the life of a project. We pride ourselves on maintaining client relationships that enable us to become trusted advisors for years to come.


Celebrity Association

With our strong relationship with UK celebrities, we will work closely with each client hotel, whether you are a wellbeing spa, specialist wedding venue or a gastronomic delight – to find the correct match of celebrity who will both understand and have an affinity with the facilities that you offer, ensuring that the celebrity has plenty to write about on their social media and potential reviews.

Because we work closely with the UK press, we can arrange specific press visits, ensuring that you hotel achieves a featured article in UK papers and magazines.

These are normally aligned with a special event within your hotel, or surrounding area, which allows the visiting press to enjoy a unique experience, maximising the coverage to UK audiences.

Both of the above offer a unique and cost effective method to ensure that your hotel and it’s facilities reach the maximum number of potential new customers within both the UK and Western Europe.